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Office Cleaning

If you want to make a positive impression on your clients, Office cleaning services Dubai is the first thing to keep focus on. It will not only help to boost your company’s reputation but you will be able to enjoy a healthy and productive atmosphere at your office. Brilliant cleaning is one of the best office cleaning companies in Dubai that offers commercial cleaning services within your budget. 

At Brilliant Cleaning, our expert cleaners will help you to have a spotless workplace so that your employees can work in a clean and comfortable environment. We deliver high quality office cleaning services in Dubai at the best rates. Our skilled cleaners provide customized cleaning with great professionalism and give a new look to your office without any damages. 

Our Office Cleaning Process

Brilliant Cleaning ensures to provide quality commercial cleaning or office cleaning services in Dubai. We focus on satisfying our customers by delivering more than their expectations. Here is our detailed process of how we will clean your office.

Collecting Information

When someone contacts us for office cleaning, we collect the required information. For example, the area of the office, furniture details and pictures of the office. After getting all the data, we confirm the appointment for the cleaning process.

Onsite Survey

Our professional office cleaners visit the office and analyze the place to decide which machines to be used for cleaning the office. After determining all the things they finalize the chemical or other essentials to be used for cleaning. 


Our cleaners do pre-cleaning to remove all the dust and other dirty particles from the surface of the floors. Some chemicals are also used if there are tough stains on the floors or furniture like sofa, chair and tables.

Deep Office Cleaning Services Dubai

A detailed cleaning process is applied at this step. Our expert office cleaners do shampooing and carefully deal with the furniture without damaging it. If shampooing is not necessary then we do deep vacuuming to remove all the dirt and stains from upholstery.

Final Touch

After deep cleaning of everything, we give it a final touch. After cleaning, all the things are dried so that bacteria do not get active. We guarantee the whole office cleaning without any damage.

Benefits of Office Cleaning

A clean office will draw and retain customers and buyers, in addition to keeping the staff happy and more profitable. Clients would be more likely to do business with your firm if they see the workplace climate is tidy and sparkling clean. Here are some major benefits of office cleaning services.

To Keep Yourself Safe & Healthy

If your working place is not properly cleaned, it can badly affect your health as it will carry a lot of germs and  bacteria. If  you want to stay healthy, you must go for professional office cleaning services.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

The climate of UAE is full of dust mites and other dirt particles that can cause serious health issues. To improve the air quality and feel fresh you would definitely want to clean your office with some professional office cleaners. 

Remove Fixed Stains

You will feel uncomfortable with various ingrained spots of dust and other dirty particles. Office cleaning will give a fresh and clean feeling to you and you will feel comfortable while working at the office. 

The Best Cleaning Services

Brilliant Cleaning is a leading professional cleaning and technical service providing company. We provide our services in all Residential, Commercial, Corporate and industrial sectors.
All of our Cleaners are professional, Vetted and background checked who are trained to guarantee satisfaction. 

We offer Professional representatives 24/7 to provide you with the best customer service and quote you free cleaning estimates. 

All of our cleaners are equipped with specialized cleaning products and state of the art technologies.

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